Huub Cycling Jersey Black/Grey

  • Huub Cycling Jersey Black/Grey

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    Huub cycling shirt for men 

    Size: XXL

  • 100% polyester

    Elastic men's t-shirt with three pockets on the back.

    Breathable fabric.

    Dark gray and black colors.

    The Huub t-shirt is made of elastic fabric that gives you maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Their black/pink color is neutral and can be easily combined with other outfits.
    This t-shirt is a great choice for both daily sports riding and intense training. The breathable fabric allows the skin to breathe freely and controls the moisture level to avoid the viscosity of sweat. In addition, the shirt has three pockets on the back where you can store your essential small items, such as drinking water, a bar or your phone.
    Choose the Huub cycling jersey and experience maximum comfort and style on every bike trip!