How to choose a bike

  • How to choose a bike

    How to choose the right bike?
    Different type of bike has different purpose.
    When buying for the first time, it can be difficult to choose from the wide range of bicycles for sale, and the difference in prices. 

    What type of bike to choose?

    Estimate where you will mostly ride: forest roads, bike paths, or mixed routes.

    Will the bike be for sports? How often will you drive: daily, once a week, once a month?

    Will you want to carry a lot of stuff: do you need a rear or front trunk or both, what will be the weight of the luggage?

    Mountain bikes (MTB) - suitable for unpaved roads. If you will drive on forest roads, gravel roads, hilly areas and the like.·

    Road bikes are suitable for asphalt roads, and the smoother the surface, the more fun these bikes will ride. They are not suitable for off-road use.·

    Hybrid bikes/Cross – A mixture of the two types mentioned above. It is suitable for driving in the city, it is also suitable for moderately difficult off-road.·

    Gravel bikes - suitable for longer trips on various surfaces, asphalt roads, gravel or easy off-road trips.

    Cyclocross bikes (CX ) - suitable for riding on gravel and dirt roads, designed to participate in off-road competitions.·

    Triathlon bikes are bikes with aerodynamic properties designed for fast riding. Suitable for triathlon and speed races.

    BMX bikes - suitable for stunts, maneuverable.

    Touring bikes - designed for long trips, with one or more panniers, when a lot of luggage is carried in the bike panniers.

    Fixed-gear bikes are single-gear bikes that are suitable for city roads without hills, commuting to work or shopping.

    Electric bikes - bikes that have an electric motor that kicks in when you pedal to provide extra power.