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    About the Ghost brand 

    Ghost - German company
    Unlike other bike manufacturers that produce their products in Asia, Ghost bikes are manufactured exclusively in Europe, so the bikes produced are distinguished not only by their construction and design, but also by the quality of their assembly.

    History of Ghost Company
    The Ghost story began in 1993, when two Bavarian friends, Klaus Mechwald and Uwe Kallivoda, built their first bike themselves in the town of Waldsassen. It was a very successful product. A year later, several large bicycle shops started selling the three newly developed models. At the Eurobike bicycle show, the Bavarians began to promote the emerging brand.
    Until 1999 German entrepreneurs managed to establish a company and produce 25 different models. There was no limit to their imagination. Durable mountain, gravel, road, tourist, city, children's and electric bicycles are produced. After some time, the company released sportswear for fans of its brand.
    By 2002, the company had already produced 40 different models, each of which is thoroughly tested. The company has its own full-time testers who check each model's ride quality, reliability while driving and comfort while sitting on the bike. Today, the company supplies its products to 20 other countries in addition to Germany.
    After 20 years, more than 330 employees worked in the company, and the company's headquarters remained in the same place where it all began - in Waldsassen
    Advantages and disadvantages
    To fully evaluate Ghost products, you should show them from different sides, find the advantages and disadvantages of the German brand.

    • the high quality of assembly is particularly noticeable, the models are assembled with German pedantry;
    • stylish design, no frills, created down to the last detail;
    • the ideal geometry of the models created by the design team, it is simple, ergonomic, allowing to drive at high speed;
    • a wide variety of bicycles are produced - off-road, for fast mountain descents, for riding on the highway;
    • well designed design in terms of comfort, it is difficult to switch to another product after Ghost.

      • a well-known brand in Lithuania