Bicycle trips. How to prepare for them.

  • Bicycle trips. How to prepare for them.

    For longer trips, it's important to choose the right bike, the right luggage bags and the things you need for that trip. 

    Preparing for a long bike ride

    Inspect your bike carefully before starting your trip.

    Check the condition of the tires for excessive wear and insufficient inflation.

    Are the brake pads not excessively and evenly worn?

    See if the chain and sprockets are still usable, do they need to be replaced?

    Take a spare tire tube or two, a tool kit, a pump with you.

    You can also pick up a spare chain, brake pads and anything else you might need to fix any mechanical issues.

    Estimate what distances you can cover in a day, how many days you promise to travel.
    It is also important how difficult the route you will choose, whether it is on forest roads, or hilly paths, or an asphalt road, etc.
    When cycling long distances, it's important to have enough water to drink at least one drink of water every hour or so, and to eat an energy-boosting meal every hour or two, such as a nutrition bar or other food rich in complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides).