Bicycle routes

  • Bicycle routes

    Cycling routes on motorways, cycle paths, forests or mixed roads.

    Some choose the route to ride on bike paths - a safe way, others like forest paths, others like speed, they choose car roads. 


    In the vicinity of Vilnius district. The entire route is on roads (about 7-9 percent on bike paths). The roads are not heavily congested, the road surface is good. The distance is 50 km. 


    In the vicinity of Vilnius. The part of the road from Trinapolis Monastery to Vingis Park and through the entire Vingis Park is a bicycle path, about 70 percent of the entire route, going back and forth. The other part is on roadways and a few more bicycle paths, from the Bajori Gardens bus ring to the Santariškii Ring and further to the Trinapolis Monastery bike path. The total distance is 47 km. 

    Bicycle trip around Southeast Lithuania, driving on roads.
    Bukiškis (Vilnius district), Nemenčinė, Pabradė, Joniškis, Moletai, Giedraičiai, Širvintos, Bukiškis (Vilnius district).